Alternative Wedding Photography

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A wedding album is not a keepsake ...
         It is an heirloom.

Throughout your wedding day we promise to provide you with as many images that we feel are necessary to cover your wedding completely while being as unobtrusive as possible.

Just as every couple we photograph has different personalities, every album we design has its own character. The days of stand and pose wedding photographs are long gone. Wedding photography should document your day - not dictate it. A true wedding photojournalist knows the difference, and will ensure that every detail of your wedding day is captured in photographs for you to enjoy over and over.

On your wedding date, we do not limit the amount of images we take. We typically start with the bride getting ready and ending when the reception winds down. Our commitment is to provide you with the best album we can, without any restrictions.

We also go an extra step - since we are the artists photographing your day, it makes sense that we help design your finished album. While we are photographing your wedding day, we are predesigning your album in our head. After we finish our coverage, we compile the hundreds of images and design them creatively in an album.

We are available for weddings world wide.

Please contact us to check the availability of your wedding date.

A wedding album should not dictate the day ...
         It should document the day.

A wedding album should not be stiffly posed ...
         It should be a natural reflection of your day.

A wedding album should not dictate the day ...
         It should document the day.